Chosen by Athletes

Nikwax Sweatproofing is chosen by international athletes. Whether you are an olympic cyclist or a weekend runner, you know that your performance gets affected by over-heating and that smelly kit reduces your confidence while training.  Nikwax Sweatproofing enhances your clothing’s cooling effect, conserving your energy, keeping you fresher and ahead of the crowd. Anyone who gets sweaty and overheated taking part in some form of physical activity should choose Nikwax Sweatproofing.

"I rely on Nikwax products to keep my outdoor gear in action. Outdoor kit, like good tents, jackets, sleeping bags, etc, are real investments, and we all also want to consume less. By taking good care of my stuff with Nikwax, I can make my outdoor kit survive the years of hard use I put it all through."

Jenny Tough
Adventure Traveller, Endurance Racer, Writer

"Nikwax is a brand that has sustainability at the heart of its operations and products, which is the most important for me. Living in Scotland and spending a lot of time outside developing bikepacking routes, filming and writing, I have used their products multiple times to take care of my outdoor gear, and have been impressed with the results."

Markus Stitz
Adventurer, World Record Of Circumnavigating The World On Bike, Film Maker

”For those of us who genuinely want to collect memories in the great outdoors, rather than pieces of shiny new gear. Thank you Nikwax for giving new life to the tent, sleeping bag and apparel I already trust and love. Last year. This one. And next year again.”

Fredrika Ek
Adventure Biker, European Adventurer of the Year 2018, Writer

Sweatproofing Product Range

Nikwax Sweatproofing improves the performance of your next-to-skin clothing, by eliminating odours and making them dry faster, so you stay fresher for longer. Sweatproofing products keep you cooler in warm conditions, warmer in cold conditions and smelling better however hard you work and play.