Chosen by global outdoor brands

Nikwax Eco Materials has developed the world’s best performing hydrophobic down, keeping explorers warmer and drier in extreme and cold conditions, without the use of harmful fluorocarbon (PFC) chemistry. Nikwax enhances the performance of nature’s best insulator (down), to create the lightest, most efficient, water resistant down.

Nikwax Hydrophobic Down (NHD) is chosen by global outdoor brands who often supply extreme explorers with expedition clothing and gear. Their clothing and gear needs to last the duration of the expedition; it needs to survive through arctic temperatures and extreme weather conditions. NHD is chosen by outstanding outdoor brands because they know it will go on protecting without insulation loss in these extreme conditions.

Nikwax Hydrophobic Down + goes one step beyond by being the first and only hydrophobic down to exceed 10,000 minutes of continuous shake time in the IDFB 18a industry standard shake test, equating to 7 days of constant aggressive exposure to water. We are proud that partners such as Haglöfs, Therm-a-Rest and Nomad use NHD+ technology to treat their down filled products, increasing the range and extremity of conditions they can be used in.

NHD recycled was created to support our partners, such as Rab, wishing to use recycled down and still wanting a high performance hydrophobic material, giving old down a new life. It is the first recycled down to pass 1,000 minutes of shake time on the industry IDFB 18a Shake Test and can be found in Rab’s Autumn/Winter 2020/21 collection.

Use Nikwax Aftercare to maintain the performance of your down item

Use Nikwax Aftercare products to get the best out of your Nikwax Hydrophobic Down™ filled gear. Regular maintenance will help your gear achieve its full potential and maximise its useful life.

Cleaning with Nikwax Down Wash Direct™ will not only remove contaminants, such as dirt, but also revitalise insulation, breathability and Durable Water Repellency (DWR).

Nikwax Down Proof™ will replenish DWR, causing water to bead on the outer fabric of the gear once more. The DWR of Nikwax Hydrophobic Down™ will also be replenished, maintaining loft, insulation and breathability.

What they have to say:

With the Hydrophobic Down water resistant treatment in our sleeping bag range, Therm-a-Rest’s customers know they are buying into long lasting quality and performance. Our long-term partnership with Nikwax is vital to the brand, and what we stand for.

Lindsay MorrisonTherm-a-Rest

When we heard about the hydrophobic down increased shake time of 10,000 minutes it felt like the natural way to go. And for us to work with a company that is also driven by sustainability, it feels like the perfect match.

Jenny SpiikHaglofs

NOMAD® is taking another step forward in the process of creating innovative and sustainable products by working with Nikwax Hydrophobic Down+™.

Roos SchaffelsNOMAD

As the Masters of Insulation our customers expect our products to deliver to superior performance for longer. That’s why we choose Nikwax Hydrophobic Down treatment to dramatically reduce the negative effects that moisture can have on the down insulation and ensure our jackets absorb less water, dry faster and retain their loft for longer, whatever the conditions.

Jim EvansRAB

Nikwax Hydrophobic Down (NHD)

Nikwax is proud to set a new standard in high performance insulation materials.

NHD+ is the first and only hydrophobic down to exceed 10,000 minutes on the industry IDFB 18a Shake Test**. That’s 7 days constant exposure to water.