Chosen for Comfort and Sustainability

Nikwax Directional Textiles provide renewable technology, with exceptional lightweight performance, durability, and environmental sustainability. Nikwax Directional Textiles are all directional, which means that they are designed to move liquid water through the fabric system, to make it easier for you to keep your body temperature stable.

Search and Rescue Dog Associations (SARDA) are teams of volunteers across the country dedicated to saving lives. They provide canine assistance to those lost and missing in the outdoors and support other rescue teams, such as the Police and Mountain Rescue, in the search for missing walkers, mountain bike riders, children and vulnerable adults and, sometimes, major incidents. SARDA volunteers are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are a charity supported entirely by public donations.

When Mountain Rescue Teams choose their kit they need to ensure it is long lasting, top performing and keeps them comfortable for an all-night rescue. So, Nikwax Directional Textiles are the natural choice as they are high performance, easily renewable and can ultimately be recycled after years of service.

Páramo waterproofs are made from unique Nikwax Analogy® fabric, which mimics the action of animal fur to protect SARDA members from rain, condensation and perspiration whilst protecting their insulation. Rigorously tested in the Leeds University Rain Room to resist at least 4 hours of heavy rain, a Páramo Analogy jacket keeps rescue volunteers safer, drier and warmer.

It is dusk on a cold weekend evening. Snow lies on the wet ground and more is falling. A SARDA search dog and handler, accompanied by a navigator from the local Mountain Rescue team, are out searching for a father and son lost on the hills. Mobile phone signal is patchy and the ground is difficult, cut up and with hidden pools of cold water. Nevertheless, the search dog and her handler press on – they have an urgent rescue to complete before night falls.

Under these conditions you need to be able to trust your kit. You know it’s going to be tough staying warm and dry, and cannot be worrying about whether your clothing is up to the task. This is where Páramo comes into its own: it is the kit of choice for our SARDA handlers as it is tough, hard-wearing and you know it’s going to give you the protection you need.

Kate GilliverSARDA South Wales

Páramo Directional Clothing

Páramo clothing uses Nikwax directional fabric technology to produce clothing that keeps you comfortable in the harshest conditions, and allows you to reach the wildest places safely.

Páramo aims for functional excellence whilst having minimum impact upon the environment.